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This project aims to create a solution to enhance empathy between people with MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment), their care partners, other families in the community, and other stakeholders in a larger context. The researchers have had the opportunity to partner with the Cognitive Empowerment Program (CEP) with Georgia Tech to receive insight from the program members and their care partners into their daily lives. The end goal is to create an interactive technology with the intent of establishing or enhancing empathy between the CEP member, their care partner and other stakeholders. The researchers have found that greater empathy from the care partner can lead to better communication between them, the CEP member and other families and stakeholders, salient improvement in average quality of life for all parties, and increase their confidence and abilities in their role. The process of ideation has led the researchers to find that providing creative and fun ways for the CEP member and their care partner to interact can lead to empathy. This is because being in a fun environment and participating in a shared experience can strengthen an already strong bond (many members and their care partners are married or long term partners) and provide something tangible to look back to on the tougher days.


Design Implications and Criterias

Figma Prototype

Video Prototype