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Do NOT read the description! Play the game first!
EduFirst is a game that simulates an education-oriented society. At the beginning of the game, the player is told that the goal of judging whether the game is successful is whether your child can enter a good university, and this is closely related to his various points on “Knowledge”, “Patience” and “Concentration”.

In this game, players consume their “Ability” points to ask their children to complete different tasks in order to earn different points.

For example, “Efficient Task” costs more “Ability” points, but it also allows children to get more “Knowledge”, “Patience” and “Concentration” points.
When the players’ points are less than 5, they will get a chance to “Fight” with their kids to win more “Ability” points.
There will be an extra event every five weeks, and they will also bring players some extra points.

After 15 weeks, the player’s child will end his study and take the college entrance examination. In most cases, he will get a good score and enter a great school.

However, when the player thinks the game is over, the story changes from here.

Players will be told that in addition to “Knowledge”, “Patience” and “Concentration”, your kid actually has three hidden points: “Willingness”, “Mood” and “Health”. What’s more, the “Ability” point does not only represent the player’s ability to let children complete different tasks, but also their willingness and anxiety to control the kid.

Finally, in the kid’s diary, he clearly recorded his discomfort and pressure when completing various heavy studying tasks. There’s no winner in the whole game, just to raise people’s awareness of the principle that “education goes first”, and how to deal with social pressures.
Important logic

1.   “Fight”: fight with the kid to win points
2.   Reflection
     “Ability” vs “Anxiety”
3.   Win “Ability” points through events every 5 weeks = gain pressure under social influence
4.   Game goals that have never been questioned = Social norms that have never been questioned