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Cat Mirror

I made a ‘cat mirror’ that can perform differently according to the distance between people and the mirror.

People spent a long time in front of the mirror, but never noticed it. I hope to make people aware of the existence of the mirror, and furthermore, not only regard it as an object, but more as a creature with life and soul.

This cat mirror is mainly divided into two parts: cat ears (representing human-like emotions and personality) and deformable mirrors (representing the most primitive materials and affordance of the mirror, that is, reflecting the image in front of the mirror).

servo *3 (two of them on the top that connected to cat ears, one of them behind the mirror for bending), furry cat ears, proximity sensor, mirror sticker *5, transparent PPE board

When people approach the mirror, the two cat ears connected to the servo arms will bend downward with different distances, forming a feeling as if they are looking at you. At the same time, the servo behind the mirror is connected to two strings and glued to the board.